The strange case of OneCoin : Over-exposure or justified prevention?

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 The strange case of OneCoin 

Over-exposure or justified prevention? 


After the noticed action of the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office against the company OneCoin it turned out that evidence of illegal activity was not detected. 

No arrests have been brought and no charges have been lifted. 

To date, the results of the prosecution's action are: there has been no unlawful activity on the part of One Network Services in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, or in any other country where OneCoin is popular and used. In the desire to find at least a grain of sensation in Bulgarian and some foreign media, publications with allegations of arrests, hidden representatives of the company's management, as well as articles with just ominous content came out. 

The main "accusation" for which the company suffers from constant blows is that it does not have its own blockchain. This statement was also strongly contradicted by the report of IT specialists annexed to the German investigation papers. It stresses that the total number of transactions is accurate, there are no translations outside the block and that the information provided to the users corresponds to the reality. The presence of such a report categorically rejects the allegation that the company "simulates" the existence of a blockchain. 

It also turned out that the on-line platform for goods and services exchange, DealShaker, has also been checked by the service and has consulted suppliers who have expressed their satisfaction with the company and the services offered by the platform. 

Ultimately, the conclusion after the strike action and the authorities 'investigation is as follows: The anonymous alerts against One Networks and OneCoin by unscrupulous companies are only intended to undermine companies' image and purposely lead them to cessation. 

During the week, representatives of the injured companies said: "Thanks to this service operation, we have once again proved the transparency we face to our consumers and the security and anti-crime services. For the truth to come out, all the sophisticated documents and materials are provided to the investigative authorities. We have repeatedly pointed out that OneCoin is the only company on the Crypto’s market that owns a centralized blockchain where each user is identified with an ID. " 

Experts from both companies add: "Together with the purchase of a OneLife training course, each user gets the option of choosing whether to get a tokens to use for currency mining or not. Educational packages are concentrated in the field of finance, enabling consumers to understand the mechanisms of economic markets, acquire currency and stock exchange trading, gather new knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. These educational packages open up new perspectives to our users, and we strive to make knowledge about innovation in the economy and technology more accessible to better understand. " 

The companies said they would firmly stand up for their position and would not allow the apparently groundless accusations to blur their name and activity. They expressed the hope that the damage and worries caused by these inspections would at least contribute to greater public awareness of the fast-growing blockchain technology sector and would at least compensate for the lack of clear regulation and pan-European regulation. 

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Walter Stampfer

2018-03-21 12:11:38

Das ist eine Information, die sollte jeder OneCoinler fast auswendig können. Zumindest einmal gelesen haben. Aus strategischer Unternehmenssicht kann nichts Besseres passieren, als dass irgendwelche anonyme Neider solche Dinge zur Anzeige bringen. Das Ergebnis ist nun, dass öffentlich erklärt wird, dass OneCoin ein seriöses Unternehmen ist und öffentlich auch die Erklärung, dass der DealShaker zum Austausch von Waren und Dienstleistungen der vollsten Zufriedenheit von Händlern und Käufern dient und auch rechtens ist. Entspricht dem Recht in der Republik Bulgarien oder in irgendeinem anderen Land. Man sollte dem anonymen Anzeiger grad noch ein paar OneCoins als Prämie schenken. Denn ohne diese Anzeige wäre diese amtliche öffentliche Erklärung nicht so schnell zustande gekommen. Liebe OneCoinler, wir haben mit dem Eintritt in unsere wunderbare OneCoin - Familie die richtige Entscheidung getroffen. Schöne Grüße Walter

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